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Jan 14, 2020

IBN launches Eriomin Esport to help support a healthy gaming lifestyle

IBN launches Eriomin Esport to help support a healthy gaming lifestyle

Ingredients by Nature (IBN), supplier of science-backed citrus-derived flavonoids and ingredients, has announced Eriomin™ for esports formulations. Eriomin’s triple-pronged support helps gamers get real-time and long-term health benefits for improved performance and recovery.

Gaming has serious impact on the body. Gamers, like other athletes, require endurance, recovery and mental health benefits from their nutrition. Unfortunately, gamers face a lack of alternative health options when it comes to nutrition, leading to unhealthy habits that affect their ability to compete. Eriomin Esport will provide gamers a multi-functional approach by addressing oxidative stress, inflammation, and blood glucose levels to optimize gaming.

The citrus flavonoids in Eriomin Esport act as potent antioxidants, helping neurons communicate optimally for quick thinking and reducing eye strain by providing support to the macula. Eriomin Esport also helps maintain inflammation levels within the normal range. Because of Eriomin’s inflammation support, gamers can look forward to faster post-game recovery and minimized ear damage from headphones. The marketplace is filled with sugary foods and drinks for quick bursts of energy and the resultant sugar spikes and crashes can negatively impact performance. By managing proper glucose levels, Eriomin Esport helps gamers sustain attention, focus, and energy for better and longer gameplay.

“The video game industry has surpassed both the movie and music industries in annual revenue, and it will continue to grow as technology continues to advance. There is no better time than now to provide health solutions for esports professionals and casual gamers both,” said Rob Brewster, president of Ingredients by Nature. “Eriomin has shown significant results in its multiple clinical studies and Eriomin Esport delivers that same multi-functional benefit to gamers by delivering a healthier competitive edge.”

Eriomin Esport can also be combined with other ingredients—such as CoffeeFruit Pure and Yerba Mate for more energy or Guarana for increased focus—to enhance its effects.

“The benefits of Eriomin go beyond just prediabetes management,” Brewster continued. “Our Esports application is the next step to fulfill our vision of an Eriomin line that helps address multiple health categories from multiple angles. Our newly updated website reflects this vision.”

To learn more about Eriomin’s multi-functional biomechanisms and its ability to win in the Esports category, visit

About Ingredients by Nature

Ingredients by Nature™ (IBN) formulates, manufactures, and markets science-based ingredients, proprietary extracts and formula innovations for applications in dietary supplements, functional foods & beverages, cosmetics, and animal nutrition. IBN currently offers over 300 ingredient variations, including various citrus-derived ingredients, along with its custom, contract manufacturing and powder processing services. IBN recently launched its lemon flavonoid blend Eriomin™ for prediabetes management and a healthy gaming lifestyle. For more information, visit

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