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Jul 09, 2019

Eriomin Citrus Flavonoid Blend Shown to Reverse Prediabetic Conditions

Eriomin Citrus Flavonoid Blend Shown to Reverse Prediabetic Conditions

Ingredients by Nature (IBN), maker of leading citrus-derived flavonoids and ingredients, has announced the launch of Eriomin™, backed by a newly published study demonstrating its efficacy in prediabetes management.  

The results of a human clinical trial, published last month in Phytotherapy Research, concluded that the unique blend of lemon-based flavonoids in Eriomin help support glycemic control and reduce systemic inflammation and oxidative stress.

Using a proprietary extraction process developed by IBN, Eriomin is a high-potency, patent pending standardized extract from lemons that contains a blend of eriocitrin and other flavonoids. Eriomin’s unique blend of flavonoids was shown to work together to provide a multi-functional approach to managing prediabetic conditions.

“This Eriomin study is the first-of-its-kind human clinical trial to study the effects of eriocitrin and other lemon flavonoids for three significant and interconnected prediabetic factors: blood-glucose levels, oxidative stress, and inflammation,” said Dr. Thais Cesar, Associate Professor of Nutrition at Sao Paulo State University and one of the authors of the study. “The results revealed that the flavonoids in Eriomin play a remarkable role in prediabetes management, prompting us to begin a second clinical trial with results expected by the end of the year.”

The randomized, placebo-controlled study evaluated 103 prediabetes patients. The researchers discovered that subjects administered Eriomin in doses of 200mg, 400mg, or 800mg during a 12-week period were able to significantly manage glycemic control, healthy inflammation levels within the normal range and increase antioxidant activity. An average of 24 percent of the evaluated patients, supplemented with Eriomin, showed markers of increased glucose tolerance and returned to normal fasting blood sugar levels. 

“One in three U.S. adults currently have prediabetes—influenced by sedentary lifestyles, obesity, abdominal fat and unhealthy eating patterns,” said Rob Brewster, President at Ingredients by Nature. “We have the opportunity to help halt this progression by providing a more natural and proactive alternative with Eriomin.”

To learn more about Eriomin’s multi-functional biomechanisms and its ability to address prediabetes visit IBN’s newly launched ingredient site:

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