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Nov 11, 2021

Ingredients by Nature Partners with Virentia to Prepare for the Launch of Alfalfa Ingredient ChloroBlast™

Ingredients by Nature Partners with Virentia to Prepare for the Launch of Alfalfa Ingredient ChloroBlast™

Pure chloroplast concentrate from alfalfa for functional foods and beverages.

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Montclair, CA – Ingredients by Nature (IBN)—supplier of high-quality customizable, science-based food ingredients—announced its partnership with Canada-based Virentia in preparation for launching a new and unique chloroplast concentrate from alfalfa (Medicago sativa), ChloroBlast™, for the functional food and beverage industry in mid-2022.

Virentia has spent over five years developing a patented industrial fractionation process that isolates, extracts and concentrates intact chloroplasts from alfalfa leaves without the use of any chemicals or harsh mechanical treatments, which maintains chloroplast integrity. The process also purifies the chloroplasts, removing phenolics and volatiles that could cause unpleasant odors and flavors and leaving a concentrate that is easily suspendable in liquids. This allows Virentia to prepare pure chloroplast suspensions that have a high, reproducible and unique omega-3:protein ratio.

“Ingredients by Nature has a long history of supplying alfalfa ingredients, and we were very excited five years ago to learn about Virentia’s innovation in an ingredient category that hasn’t seen much change over the last decade,” said Rob Brewster, president of IBN. “ChloroBlast is one-of-a-kind, delivering a blast of vegetable protein along with a blast of nutritious chlorophyll, and we look forward to working with Virentia to improve functional food and beverage options on the market via this new ingredient.”

The benefit profile of ChloroBlast is quite extensive because of it being rich in a variety of fundamental compounds for healthier lifestyles. The ingredient boasts 52% protein and 6% omega-3 content. It also has an ORAC value of 232.4 µmol TE/g, delivers 30.5 mg of chlorophyll per gram of ChloroBlast, contains beta carotene along with vitamins A, B, D, E, C and K, and is a good source of various essential minerals. ChloroBlast’s benefits and composition provide a better option to improve functional food and beverages, such as existing and new powdered drink formulations. IBN also aims to help the industry replace the use of synthetic chlorophyll with this powerful and natural solution that meets consumer demands for cleaner ingredients.

“ChloroBlast belongs in its own class of alfalfa concentrate, it stands above the rest and is comparable to high-value microalgae concentrates because of its high protein, antioxidant, pigment, phospholipid and micro-ingredient content,” said Dr. Louis Vezina, Ph.D., Virentia’s co-founder, vice-president and CSO. “We were impressed with IBN’s knowledge of alfalfa and alfalfa-derived products. We believe that partnering with them will help us achieve our vision and push ChloroBlast in front of the right product formulators that want to offer consumers premium products that promote health and well-being.”

ChloroBlast also meets current demand for clean and sustainable products. The chloroplast concentrate is a raw, organic, vegan and non-GMO product that is not spray dried at high temperatures like most other alfalfa juice products on the market. In addition to alfalfa being one of the most sustainable crops in the world, Virentia’s extraction process is fully sustainable because of its carbon-positive and no-waste manufacturing approach.

To learn more about ChloroBlast and see why it is one of the best alfalfa concentrates soon to be available, visit us at SupplySide West, booth #4027. You can also reach out at

About Ingredients by Nature

With over 80 years of experience in the natural products industry, Ingredients by Nature (IBN) formulates, manufactures and markets science-based ingredients, proprietary extracts and formula innovations for applications in dietary supplements, functional foods & beverages, cosmetics and animal nutrition. IBN currently offers more than 300 ingredient variations, including probiotics and various citrus-derived ingredients—flavonoids and fibers—along with its custom, contract manufacturing and powder processing services. In 2019, IBN launched its lemon flavonoid blend Eriomin which supports efforts toward improved prediabetes management and a healthy gaming lifestyle.

About Virentia

Founded in 2016, Virentia is a biotech company based in Québec, Canada, that specializes in the development and production of value-added compounds obtained through a refined fractionation process of plant aerial biomass. These compounds are then commercialized as nutraceuticals, specialized ingredients for human, and active ingredients crop protection.

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