Ingredients by Nature reinforces its commitment to protecting the environment with a donation to Players for the Planet

Montclair, CA – Ingredients by Nature (IBN)—supplier of high-quality customizable, science-based food ingredients—reinforced its commitment to improving and maintaining Earth’s environments by making a donation to Players for the Planet. IBN has been a longtime supporter of this initiative and plans to continue to help Players for the Planet achieve its environmental goals for years to come.

“The natural products industry wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the amazing gifts that nature provides and we believe it is so important that every company do their part to find ways to improve and maintain the many environments and ecosystems across the world that we heavily rely on for our wellbeing” said Rob Brewster, president of Ingredients by Nature. “We love what Players for the Planet is doing to make our world a better place to live in and want more businesses to know about this great option that makes it easy to protect our planet.”

Players for the Planet is an organization that works to connect professional athletes, sports teams and organizations with actionable opportunities to serve and protect our natural world and the environment. Their activities include beach cleanups, tree plantings, recycling events, plastic reduction, conservation efforts, and more to bring positive environmental change to the world. Money donated will go toward helping the non-profit fund the variety of projects they have planned to help reduce waste and bolster both land and water ecosystems across the world.

“I’ve known the Brewsters for a long time and I greatly appreciate the confidence they have in what we are trying to accomplish,” said Chris Dickerson, founder of Players for the Planet. “Our job is to bring lasting and measurable change to the Earth, and by putting IBN’s donations to work, we will take big steps toward realizing that goal.”

IBN’s first donation will go toward helping Players for the Planet to improve their youth education programs, instilling a desire in rising generations to invest in their future by taking better care of our planet.

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About Ingredients by Nature

With over 80 years of experience in the natural products industry, Ingredients by Nature (IBN) formulates, manufactures and markets science-based ingredients, proprietary extracts and formula innovations for applications in dietary supplements, functional foods & beverages, cosmetics and animal nutrition. IBN currently offers more than 300 ingredient variations, including various citrus-derived ingredients—including flavonoids and fibers—and probiotics along with its custom, contract manufacturing and powder processing services. IBN recently launched two formulations of its lemon flavonoid blend Eriomin for prediabetes management and for a healthy gaming lifestyle.

About Players for the Planet

Players for the Planet was founded by Major League Baseball player Chris Dickerson with the goal of uniting professional athletes to create positive change for our environment.

As an organization, PFTP works to connect professional athletes, sports teams, and organizations with actionable opportunities to serve and protect our natural world and the environment. To date, 75 professional athletes have joined Players for the Planet in working to create a better world, and that list continues to grow. It works to bring pro athletes across the nation together to enact exciting environmental initiatives within their own communities.

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